About Gayatri Pariwar

Gayatri Pariwar is a living model of a futuristic society, being guided by principles of human unity and equality. It's a modern adoption of the age old wisdom of Vedic Rishis, who practiced and propagated the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Entire world is a family). Founded by saint, reformer, writer, philosopher, spiritual guide and visionary Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, this mission has emerged as a mass movement for Transformation of Era.

Gayatri Pariwar - Mission and Vision

Gayatri Pariwar, Edmonton is inspired by All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP), which is a world-wide family of people who follow the principles of Gayatri, The symbol of righteous knowledge, pure intelligence & selfless service.
AWGP is a large organization devoted to thought transformation movement, dissemination of scientific spirituality, and social and cultural reformation and elevation of the whole world with collective participation of awakened souls.

  • Vision : Heaven on Earth.
  • Mission : Awakening Divinity in Human Being.
  • Ethics : Global Family (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam) & Oneness (Atmavat Sarv Bhuteshu)
  • Values : Transform Ourselves the World will Transforms, Reform Ourselves the World will Reform (Hum Badlenge Yug Badlega, Hum Sudhrenge Yug Sudhrega)

AWGP Highlights

  • More than 4000 centers all over India and Abroad
  • A following in access of 100 million
  • Nearly 20 million persons initiated into spiritual practices
  • Restoration of rights of women and other under privileged groups of the society
  • Foundation of Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalaya (University based on scientific spirituality).
Gayatri Pariwar, Edmonton performs regularly the following rituals for its followers:
  • Gayatri Hawan
  • Gayatri Deep Yagya
  • Grih Pravesh
  • Punsavan Sanskar
  • Vidya Arambh
  • Satyanarain Katha
  • Any other Hindu rituals on demand

Executive Committee

Gayatri Pariwar Edmonton Executive committee for 2018:

Prashant Srivastava

(780) 438-1234

Devendra Patel

(780) 461-1197

Hitesh Bhatt

(780) 989-3369

Naveen Tiwari

(780) 484-1723

Arun Bhavsar

(780) 466-3837

Sandip Patel

Jignesh Pandya

Dinesh Patel


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